June 09, 2010

greatest memories i ever had

Finally, am free to update my facebook and bloggie
kinda lazy to on my lappie recently
maybe caused by the existence of my lil berry
am holding it and updating twitter/BBM from the morn once i open my eyes until the night before i off to bed

Alright, back to the point for this post

FYI, there are bunches of student from TARC further their studies in UK
and just depart last week ago

From their updates and their recent pictures
brought back all the memories I had in UK last year
the day we're together
the day we shared our laugh and our tears together
a journey started from JUNE,09

To be frankly, am really miss the life over there badly
really so so badly
the weather the foods the culture the environment
and especially the bunch of my silly schoolmates
my memories just wont be that perfect and unforgettable if there was without them

we used to cheer each others when sorrow
we used to share together when happy
we used to fool around when idle hours
we used to support each other when stressful
we used to care each other when feelin down or sick
we used to cry and hug together when homesick

we had joy we had fun
we had argument and we had sorrow, too
althought it was just a short summer course
we really experienced lot
and now, we're graduated.

Dear fellow schoolmates,
our studies journey was ended on the day we attended convo
but our friendship will never end
I treasure, and treasure everyone of you guys
no matters what course you were, which school you from (SBS,SOT,SAS,bla bla bla...)
am glad to have all of you guys made up my greatest memories
Thanks For Being My Friends ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥

Here is the video made by one of my schoolmate,
thanks so much for her effort in creating this short video and it reminds us the joyful we had
hope everyone can feels the same joys as what we had in our precious memories (:

Mr JD Chang,
Please appreciate and enjoy every moment you having now
how am wish if i could turn back time and am still enjoying in UK like you doin now
All the best to you in your studies
and please dont gimme a buzz in the midnight anymore just to ask about how to order Fish N Chips
you know i miss the life there so much
and am craving the foods there badly especially kebab and fish n chips


May 20, 2010

Scalding Tears

it is only tears able to say what words can't.

The silence night
with the only one soft music repeating.

All of the memory filling in the mind out of a sudden
the sweetest.toughest.worst.happiest

and slowly read of them
recalling most of the sorrows in the past

feelings mixed and heart aching

a flood of tears is on the inside track
and nothing can be do to soothe the tears

the only way
is to weep away

let the tears express all the feelin' out instead of words
and everything is gonna be alright.

 Dont fight with your tears
let them flow
they are healing your heart
and watering your soul.

--by, Iko.M--

May 19, 2010

H-Artistry Malaysia is back ♥

Guess what?
am still awake at this hour updating Hennessy Artistry Events' Guestlist on behalf of my friend, Mr.E (:
It's gonna be a short and brief bloggy today as am freaking exhausted and almost K.O already.
eyes are too heavy now but yet, am still wish to inform everyone 'bout comings Hennessy Artistry Events.

Babes and dudes, 
If you missed out H-Artistry Event which held at Opera,Sunway last few months.
Grab the chance now!!
H-Artistry Malaysia is ON again for us and dont miss it out anymore!!!
H-Artistry event dates in TWO separate locations this round.
First event will be held on May 27th @ QE II and the next on May 29th @ ZOUK.
Featuring by Summer Daniels & DJ Tempo of Speaker Junkies, Joe Flizzow & Sona One, Ad Bangers. They will be performing in BOTH of the events this time.
So, what you guys or girls still waiting for?
Let's party together and make it happening!!
( :

Check out the official website http://www.h-artistry.com.my/ for more information.
See you guys there 

May 12, 2010


我還是選擇了 繼續寫網誌